The future of Tennessee credit unions

Tennessee's credit unions will need new leaders.
Our purpose is to equip them.

  • Motivate
  • Innovate
  • Connect


We have tons of passion and enthusiasm, but sometimes we check it at the back door whenever we arrive at work. Tennessee Mic is focused on channeling youthful energy into productive and efficient work output.


Banking is like bread, milk and eggs: a commodity. There are new forces in our industry creating change and threatening to capture our markets. Tennessee Mic intends to capture the innovative thought of rising stars and allow statewide credit unions to share the benefit.


In the social age of online networking, making meaningful connections can sometimes feel impossible. Do you know even half of your Facebook friends or Linkedin connections? Tennessee Mic is driven by a desire to forge meaningful ties between young professionals.

Upcoming events

Social media is great, but actual socializing is even better.

  • September YP Conference

    Come sharpen your professional pencil with us in Knoxville in April 2016. Learn more.

  • Crash the GAC

    CUNA's premier annual political advocacy conference is a showcase for the credit union faithful, and a great opportunity for some facetime with your legislators. Learn more.

  • State League Convention

    One of the oldest events for credit unions in Tennessee, this event invites credit unions of all types and sizes to collaborate and learn together for the collective good. Learn more.

  • League Chapter Meetings

    Support your local chapter! State credit union league meetings are the most local and affordable opportunity to network with and learn from your peers. Learn more.

Join us

There's strength in numbers. If you're a YP, get in on this. If you're an OP, teach us what you know. Join us in Knoxville on April 20-21.